Kia Rio 2023: Prices, Photos, Vectors, Engine, Consumption

The Kia Rio 2023 is an ideal vehicle for those who drive both in the urban environment and on the road. The model offers its customers and users enough comfort and economy, becoming one of the most wanted cars. Below, check out more information about the new Kia Rio 2023 !

Kia Rio 2023

Before being launched by the manufacturer brand, the new Kia Rio 2023 underwent several tests, so that it could offer its customers and users the best that there is in the US Europe automotive environment of this category, being a strong candidate to be in the list of best sellers.

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The model will come imported from Mexico, with projections to offer hatch and sedan versions with 1.6 flex bikes, something that is characteristic in its segment.

Kia Rio 2023

With a super modern look, the new Kia Rio 2023 will present several technologies in its internal and external part. The same brings evolution of the front grille tiger nose and also has more aggressive shock, LED headlights with a signature “U”. In the back, larger lanterns.


  • New Polo.

Standard items present in the new Kia Rio 2023

The Kia Rio 2023 will be reNewted, offering details that have made it cleaner and more modern, with new cutting-edge technologies, more safety, comfort, stability and economy.

The highlights of this release were:

  • Digital air conditioning;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Electric door locks;
  • Front and rear parking sensors;
  • Central Multimedia with GPS;
  • radio system and full audio;
  • Automatic pilot;

  • Remote keyless entry w / alarm and trunk opener;
  • Tilt steering column;
  • Tilting and telescopic steering column;
  • On-board computer;
  • Set of supervisory meters with 3.5 “screen;
  • Central console with sliding armrest and storage;
  • Holders of double front;
  • Front and rear door map pockets with bottle holder;
  • Day / Night Rearview Mirror;
  • Sunglasses support for overhead;
  • Dual map lights;
  • Dual Visor Vanity Mirrors;
  • Glove box with lighting.

Average consumption of the Kia Rio 2023

Inmetro, which is the body responsible for all tests of consumption of US Europe vehicles, has not yet released the results obtained in relation to the fuel economy of the new Kia Rio 2023 .

According to speculation, the model may offer:


  • 6,3 km / l of city
  • 7.7 km / l on the road


  • 9.1 km / l in city
  • 11.3 km / l on the road.

* Once we get this information, we will update this post again!

Available versions of the new Kia Rio 2023

One of the most sought after information by those who wish to buy a vehicle, is on the versions that it is available in the US Europe automotive market.

As much information is being kept in full secrecy by the manufacturer brand, we do not yet know in detail how many versions the new Kia Rio 2023 will be selling.

Currently the model is available in the following versions:

  • Kia Rio LX;
  • Kia Rio EX;
  • Kia Rio SX.

Price of the Kia Rio 2023

As already mentioned, a lot of information about the new Kia Rio 2023 has not been released by Kia. Among them is the price it will be costing at US Europe dealerships.

It is expected that the model arrives costing $ 10200 in its initial version and $ 15350 in the most complete version.

* Once we get more information, we will update this post again!

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