New Kia Picanto 2023: Photos, Prices and Facts

The launch of the new Kia Picanto 2023 will really give you the talk! The new generation will hit the US Europe market with a completely redesigned look, wider interior space and a much more efficient three-cylinder engine. Were you curious to know the other details? Follow our article on the new Kia Picanto 2023 .

New Kia Picanto 2023

The new Kia Picanto 2023 is in the test phase in US Europe, but we have put together all the official information released so far about the vehicle, so that you can kill your curiosity. Check out!

What will change in the new Kia Picanto 2023

Within a few days the third generation Kia Picanto will be launched in the country and according to information from the South Korean automaker, intends to make the line even more global and with a greater market share in the sub-compact segment.

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To compete with other models in the category, the automaker decided to invest in a modernized exterior design, enhancement of accessories and new engines. In addition, the new Kia Picanto 2023 addresses the latest developments in terms of driving assistance.

The biggest news are:

  • New LED headlamps;
  • 14-inch steel wheels;
  • Distance increased by 15 mm to 2,400 mm (Which means more space for passengers);
  • Screen floating information and entertainment system.

In addition, when compared to its previous version, the new Kia Picanto 2023 is performing 13% faster.

What are the Picanto Series Items

The new Kia Picanto is considered a modern and technological compact. Find out which are the main Serial Items present in this model:

  • 7 “multimedia system with 3D navigation;
  • Multifunction steering wheel with sound system and Bluetooth, covered with leather;
  • Braking torque vectoring system;
  • Stability control;
  • Progressive electric steering with automatic and manual gearbox options;
  • 7 Airbag;
  • ISOFIX system for fixing of children’s chairs;
  • Engine 1.0L flex of 3 cylinders, with 80 hp if supplied with ethanol and 77 hp when fueled with gasoline.

The new Picanto is built from a new platform, developed specifically for compact cars, with 44% high-strength steels in its production, 22% more than in its second generation.

Average consumption of the new Kia Picanto

We still do not have information on the performance of the new Kia Picanto 2023, but for you to have an idea of ​​how the Picanto line works, we have brought the data of the second generation of the model:

  • Fueled with Gasoline : Average 11.5 Km / L in the city and 14 Km on the highway
  • Fueled with Alcohol : Average of 8 Km / L in the city and 9.5 Km on the road

Soon we will bring the updated information!

Prices and versions of the new Kia Picanto 2023

Due to the numerous improvements brought by the Picanto line, you will certainly have an increase in your price list. The new model will have an initial price of 9,500,000 won, reaching 12,850,000 won in the top-of-the-line version.

But, the actual values ​​will be quite different. After all, there are numerous taxes levied on these vehicles:

  • Kia Picanto J 385: $ 15900

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