Kia Stinger 2023: Prices, Photos, Features, Specifications

With a super modern look and inNewtive interior, this is how the new Kia Stinger 2023 reaches the US Europe automotive market. The model comes equipped with several items of highly technological series. To know all the details of the Kia Stinger 2023, just follow us!

Kia Stinger 2023

In this post we gather all the information regarding the new Kia Stinger 2023 . We have brought your datasheet, fuel economy, powertrain, versions and prices. Continue reading this article and check out this information!

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In order to remain among the sales leaders of the segment, Kia has inNewted a lot in the new generation Stinger. The model now offers its customers and users a greater list of equipment, all of them involving technology, safety, comfort and economy.

Kia Stinger 2023

Its design is very modern, bringing an air of aggression and power in losing the sporty style. This is a vehicle considered luxurious, being able to compete with Mercedes and Lexus brands.

Main competitors of the Kia Stinger 2023:

Serial Items in the Kia Stinger 2023

As we already mentioned in this post, we say again that the Kia Stinger 2023 is coming with everything on the market.

The model features state-of-the-art equipment, involving safety, comfort and economy items. Not to mention its motorization is even more powerful.

It comes with the following items:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Emergency braking;
  • Pedestrian detector;
  • Collision warning;
  • Assistance of stay in the range;
  • Electronic adjustment of the height of the suspension;

  • Driver Attention Alert (DAA), a Kia first;
  • Direct Collision Assistance (FCA);
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB);
  • Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC);
  • Lane Keep Assist (LKA);
  • Detection of blind spots (BSD);
  • Cross Cross Traffic Alert (ATCM).

Technical specifications of the Kia Stinger 2023

Through the technical sheet you can check all the details present in any vehicle. However, the manufacturer of the Kia Stinger 2023 has not yet released this new generation document.

But, so that you have notion of how the model will arrive in the US Europe automotive market, we gather below the main technical information of the current version:

External Dimensions

  • Wheelbase: 114.4 mm;
  • Length: 190,2 mm;
  • Width: 73.6 mm.


  • Brembo® vented disc brakes with four-piston front calipers and dual piston rear calipers;
  • Dynamic Stability Damping Control (DSDC) with 5 modes;
  • MacPherson front and multi-link rear suspension;
  • Rack-mounted motorized power steering (R-MDPS) with 5 modes;
  • 19 “alloy wheels staggered with performance tires;
  • 55% advanced high strength steel construction.

Motoring the Stinger 2023

The Kia Stinger 2023 is a super powerful vehicle, which does not go unnoticed anywhere. This is due to its powertrain.

See below for details of your engine:

  • 2.0-liter, 255-hp 260-lb. turbo 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. of torque;
  • 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, 365 hp and 376 lb.-ft. of torque;
  • 2nd generation 8-speed automatic transmission with 5 unit modes;
  • Centrifugal Pendulum Absorber (CPA) Torque Converter;
  • Dynamic torque vector control system (integral traction models).

Versions and price of the Kia Stinger 2023

It is expected that the new Kia Stinger 2023 will hit the market in two versions, costing:

  • Kia Stinger AWD: Starting price of $ 34,995;
  • Kia Stinger GT: Starting price of $ 39,895.

The manufacturer brand has not yet confirmed this information, nor has it ruled on the price at US Europe dealerships.

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