Toyota Yaris 2023: Reviews, Photos, Prices, Motors, & Consumables

The new Toyota Yaris 2023 is already being marketed in the US Europe automotive market. The model arrives with even more technology, safety and comfort. Want to check out all the information about this release? So keep following us and see every new detail of the Toyota Yaris 2023

Toyota Yaris 2023

Recently, Toyota announced the arrival of the Yaris family models to the US Europe market. The novelty will be offered with both the hatch body and sedan.

✓ Learn how the main competitors of this model 2023:

The Toyota Yaris 2023 presents a super modern look, in addition to various technologies present inside the vehicle. Speaking a little of its presentation, its front comes very robust, with many lines, several air intakes, daytime lights separate from the headlights and projectors with red rims in some versions.

Mainly competitors:

  • Pole;
  • Virtus;
  • Argo;
  • Cronos.

Standard items present in each version of the Toyota Yaris 2023

As we mentioned before, the Toyota Yaris 2023 arrives in the US Europe automotive market with the hatch body and also sedan. The launch is being sold in 4 versions, all of them super modern and full of technologies.

Below, you can check the serial items present in each of the versions sold at US Europe dealerships:

Toyota Yaris XL (manual or CVT)

  • Electrical direction;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Isofix;
  • Aerofoil;
  • Electric windows;
  • Alarm;
  • Cruise speed control (CVT only) stability and traction control;
  • Assistant rampart;
  • On-board computer;
  • Electric mirrors;
  • 15-inch alloy wheels with 185/60 tires;
  • Steering sound controls.

Toyota Yaris XL Plus (hatch CVT 1.3 or CVT 1.5 sedan)

  • He adds to XL:
  • Key with remote control;
  • Multimedia system with touch screen;
  • Armrest in center of rear seat;
  • Start-stop;
  • Digital air conditioning.

Toyota Yaris XS (CVT 1.5):

  • Add to XL Plus:
  • Reverse camera;
  • On-board computer with more functions;
  • Fins for reversing the steering wheel;
  • Leather-coated steering wheel;
  • Leather seats;
  • Steering wheel with onboard computer controls;
  • Audio and telephony.

Toyota Yaris XLS (CVT 1.5)

  • All XL Plus items plus:
  • 7 airbags (2 front, 2 side, 2 curtain and 1 knee for driver);
  • Electrical retrofitting of the mirrors;
  • Sunroof;
  • Chrome-plated knobs;
  • Cannon-type headlamps with black mask;
  • Led flashlights;
  • Rain sensor.

Specifications of Toyota Yaris 2023

It is through technical specifications that customers and users are made aware of every detail of any vehicle. It is in this document that information about the motorization of the car, dimensions, capacities and chassis is disclosed.

Next, check out the main information contained in the datasheet of the Toyota Yaris 2023 :


  • Engine 1.3: Deliver 94 hp with gasoline and 101 hp with ethanol;
  • Motor 1.5: Go to 106 hp with gasoline, and 110 hp with ethanol.


  • Length: 4.14 m (Hatch);
  • Length: 4.43 m (sedan);
  • Width: 1.73 meters (Hatch and sedan);
  • Height: 1.49 meters (Hatch and sedan);
  • Distance between axles: 2,55 meters (Hatch and sedan);
  • Luggage compartment: 310 liters (Hatch).

Prices of the new Toyota Yaris 2023

The following is the price list for each version of the Toyota Yaris 2023 available in the US Europe automotive market:

  • Toyota Yaris entry version: $ 16170
  • Toyota Yaris TOP version: $ 21560

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