New Model Toyota Mirai 2023: Prices, Photos, News and Engine

The new Toyota Mirai 2023 model is Toyota’s big bet. The sedan comes complete, offering everything your target audience looks for in a vehicle. Stylish and with high-tech serials, the Toyota Mirai 2023 model will soon arrive in the USA Europe auto market. Are you curious to know more details of this release? So keep following us!

New model Toyota Mirai 2023

New Model Toyota is an old car brand, considered one of the most renowned. Its vehicles are designed exclusively for the category’s target audience, featuring high-tech standard items and a modern look.

Recently, the brand announced its newest release: The Mirai model. He who had his latest version released in 2014, returns to the auto market with even more news and complete.

This new generation has a sleeker, Lexus-inspired look, leaving behind the weird design of the previous generation. While not yet launching a 100% electric car, New Model Toyota continues to invest in alternative solutions , such as the Mirai, which is a hydrogen-powered model.

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Inside, the New Model Toyota Mirai 2023 features a sleek, refined cab, offering leather seats, as well as high-tech equipment, such as the 12.3-inch multimedia panel with 8-inch all-digital dashboard.

Note that project leader Yoshikazu Tanaka said of this release: “We work to create a car that customers will always want to drive, with a pleasing design and performance that meets expectations,” he said.

New Toyota Mirai 2023 model series

New Model Toyota has been keeping confidential information regarding this new generation of the Mirai model. As we mentioned in this post, the model had its last release in 2014. Only now will it reach its second generation. The changes are noticeable, starting with its look that is more modern, elegant and stylish.

Just like outside, the interior of the new Mirai brings a similar level of revitalization as new lines and high quality materials. It has a cleaner style, matching the external design. Series items already confirmed on the New Model Toyota Mirai 2023 include:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Digital rearview mirror;
  • 20 ″ wheels
  • 12.3-inch screen multimedia that includes GPS navigation;
  • 14-speaker JBL sound system.

Once more information is released, we will update this post again. Stay tuned to our site.

Toyota Mirai 2023 datasheet

In technical terms, the new Mirai 2023 has received considerable changes. It is about 8.5 cm longer and 14 cm gain from the wheelbase. Its height, however, was reduced by 6.5 cm. Meanwhile, its tires are 7.5 cm larger in diameter and 8 cm wider. Overall, the dimensions and capacities of Mirai’s 2023 generation are as follows:

  • Length: 5 meters;
  • Width: 1.88 meters;
  • Height: 1.47 meters
  • Wheelbase: 2.92 meters.

Powered by hydrogen, New Model Toyota promises the new Mirai an increase of up to approximately 30% of the range of the current model. Information regarding your motorization has not yet been released!

How much will the new Toyota Mirai 2023 model cost?

As we already mentioned in this post, New Model Toyota is keeping confidential information regarding this new release. One of them is related to the amount that Mirai will be selling at USA Europeian dealerships.

According to speculation, the Mirai will be costing around $ 59,000 abroad. For the USA Europeian market, no information about its price. Brief more details on!

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