New Ford Fiesta 2023: News, Prices, New Releases, Consumables

The new Ford Fiesta 2023 is full of news, ready to hit front with its competitors. This model has a super modern look and an interior full of technology. Below you will find all the details of the new Ford Fiesta 2023 !

Here in this post, we gather all the information regarding the new Ford Fiesta 2023 . In order not to lose any detail, keep following us!

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New Ford Fiesta 2023

Despite being considered a simple car, the Ford Fiesta offers several items that cars of categories more above possesses. The model has several highly modern equipment, being they of safety, comfort and among others.

In addition to its standard parts, the new Ford Fiesta 2023 offers its customers and users a diversity of versions and a unique economy.

New Ford Fiesta 2023

Its look is even more modern, with a super cozy and comfortable interior finish.

Competitors of the new Ford Fiesta 2023:

Colors in which the new Ford Fiesta 2023 is available

Customers and users of the new Ford Fiesta 2023 can find it in up to 6 (six) colors. Are they:

  • White Arctic;
  • California Blue;
  • Red Vermont;
  • Red Arizona;
  • Silver Dublin;
  • Black Bristol.

Serial items in this vehicle

As we already mentioned in this post, the new Ford 2023 is considered a vehicle of the simple category. But, it is not because it is simple that this launch fails to offer technology and modernity to its users, on the contrary. The model reaches the US Europe automotive market full of news in its equipment.

Below, check out the main serial items found in this model:

  • Digital Air Conditioner (EATC);
  • Heater;
  • Bluetooth connection;
  • Steering wheel audio controls;
  • Board computer;
  • Integral central console with holder;
  • Control of light intensity of the panel;
  • Rear bench with split bump (60/40);
  • USB port;
  • Automatic pilot;
  • Navigation system;

  • Multifunction LCD screen on center panel;
  • Tachometer (tachometer);
  • Electrical Direction;
  • Ford Easy-Start;
  • Illumination of the trunk;
  • 1 12V power point (front center console);
  • 6 speakers (4 speakers + 2 tweeters);
  • Manual adjustment of the driver’s seat in 4 directions;
  • Height adjustment and steering column depth.

Fuel economy of the new Ford Fiesta 2023

In tests already carried out in the new model 2023 , it was possible to evaluate its fuel consumption. In these tests, the model presented the following results:

  • Consumption city: 7.8 Km / l fueled with alcohol and 11.2 Km / l fueled with gasoline;
  • Road consumption: 10.3 Km / l fueled with alcohol and 14.9 Km / l fueled with gasoline.

Technical specifications of the new Ford Fiesta 2023

The following is the main information contained in the data sheet of the new Ford Fiesta 2023 . Check out!


  • 1.6 Sigma engine;
  • Transmission: Manual / Automatic Automatic;
  • Maximum net power: 125 hp at 6500 rpm (G) 128 hp at 6500 rpm (E);
  • Maximum net torque: 155 Nm at 4250 rpm (G) 157 Nm at 5000 rpm (E);
  • Front Suspension: Independent of McPherson type;
  • Rear Suspension: Self-stabilizing Twist Beam Shaft.
  • Front Brake: To disc;
  • Rear Brake: A drum.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Height (mm): 1.464;
  • Capacity of the trunk (l): 281;
  • Overall length (mm): 3.969;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2,489;
  • Width of vehicle with mirrors (mm): 1,978;
  • Width of the vehicle without mirrors (mm) 1,722;
  • Fuel tank (l): 52.

Price list of the new Ford Fiesta 2023

The new Ford Fiesta 2023 is available in up to 8 (eight) versions in the US Europe automotive market. Next, check out all of them with their respective values:

  • Ford New Fiesta SE 1.6: from $ 15350 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SE Style 1.6 from $ 16100 ;
  • Ford Fiesta SE Plus 1.6 AT from $ 16900 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SEL 1.6 from $ 16550 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SEL 1.6 AT from $ 17700 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SEL Style Ecoboost AT from $ 18900 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta Titanium 1.6 AT from $ 19300 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta Titanium Plus 1.6 AT from $ 20350 .

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